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Premier Issue

FIM Premier Issue

We are proud and excited to present to you our premier issue of FIM, in this issue you will find valuable information that will help you, the fashion professional make smarter choices when moving forward with your career, our fashion editors have interviewed the most noticed fashion weeks in the New England area  south beach and Las Vegas to help you understand the main differences between New York Fashion Weeks including Lttle Boutique, Couture Fashion Week and of course New York's biggest IGM. we have also interviewed what many consider to be the most popular fashion week in The USA, Miami international Fashion Week and added a little info on the fastest growing fashion Week Las Vegas. The biggest differences, who to contact and their calendars are some of the helpful info you will find in this premier issue.

We hope you enjoy, share and keep coming back for more helpful info as what drives our publication is to help you grow as a community and sometimes discover whats next on this timeless and beautiful industry of Fashion.


Daniel Hernandez 

Founder / Director\

Fashion Industry Magazine